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Company Infomation

Shanghai has over 55 years Exprience in the optical lens industry. Their engineering firm contains a highly trained team which is more than capable of superior lens design, expert assembly, and excellent manufacturing procedures.

Optical Design

We offer our customers Total service optical design. Our team may give you a prompt procedure from phototying to production. We can provide our clients complete design solutions.

Design Consulation

At Shanghai Optics, we Offer our customers a free optical design consulation. Once we've reviewed your request we will have particular questions to ask. These can provide us the infomation to pinpoint and determine your needs. Upon reviewing this infomation we are going to have feasability plan and optical design plan to discuss with our customers before we start the manufacturing process. If the preliminary results meet your expectations we can supply you quotes for prototypes and volume production.

Supplying You Cutting Edge Technology

Our design procedure for Manufacturing are second to none. We offer our customers very competitive costs, consequently producing quality products for our customers. We provide our customers prompt phototyping techniques, proven manufacturing processes, and superior quality control. For your convenience we have offices located across North America and also have offices located worldwide.

Our Assembly Procedure

Our assembly process Includes over 100 assembly stations. Our assembly equipment and tools are second to none. Our clean rooms possess class 100 optical isolation tables. After assembly is completed, we conduct tests for temperature cycles, humidity, assembly and accuracy. Additionally further tests are run to complete the quality control procedure.

Further Infomation

If you go to our Site You may find " Build Your Own Lens Form". Take a Couple of Minutes and Complete the infomation and shipped it back to us. We'll immediately contact you back! For further infos take a look at [ Highly recommended Site].