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It's in the Name

As you may have guessed by The name, epoxy floors are exactly what the name indicates. It is a floor made with epoxy material. Particular chemical compounds are mixed together to form a distinctive resin, which is then spread on a foundation and made to be dried, to create a floor. It's an increasingly common alternative to other flooring materials, in both, residential and commercial buildings. When it's your commercial or bathroom, if you are interested in finding a durable and competitively priced product, then it is time to give Epoxy Floors, Houston a telephone.

How It's Done

Epoxy floors are generally Laid on top of a concrete base. Some people who chose to do it on their own will prepare the concrete base by giving it an acid wash. This may be acceptable if the floor isn't likely to see much use. If you want an industrial-strength floor, state, in your garage, then you will need an installer experienced using all the diamond grinding process. Diamond grinding entails taking the preparation to the substrate of the concrete floor. After this is completed, industrial-grade epoxy is applied to the concrete. The final touches will be done based on your specifications. There's no "one size fits all" when it comes to creating a new floor.

When is the Best Time?

There's no such thing as A ideal time when it comes to putting down an epoxy floor. Whether It's a Brand-new house or an old home, the installers at Epoxy Floors, Houston can install it in a jiffy. Even If You're only contemplating installing a new floor On your garage, it's worth it. Garages are, in the end, high-use areas. The Epoxy floor will take stains and abuse at its stride. See [ epoxy floor paint price].