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Potter Media is a full service Web Design, Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service company offering cutting edge services and excellent customer support. Our web marketing services include Web Design and Development, Social Media Development and Management, SEO Link Building, Local Search, PPC, Content Development and Creation, as well as Graphic Design for Web and Print.
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At Potter Media we work with some of the most talented graphic artists, web designers, and web developers in the industry. We are constantly developing new ideas and techniques to separate ourselves from the competition. Choosing the right web design and development company can make all the difference for your online marketing success. You need a firm that has the experience and ingenuity to stay atop of the ever-changing internet marketing field. Potter Media has been building websites since the very beginning of the web and with us you have a dynamic full service company to meet all of your needs.

Potter Media was established and is lead by John Potter. John taught Web Design at Bunkerhill Community College and worked as a Web Designer with GE for several years. Boston Website Design Company is active in the Wakefield Community with the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club. Potter Media won Best Graphic Designer Wakefield in 2016.