2 Free Black Magic Love Spells You Can Try at Home

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Free black or dark magic love black love quotes scarf Spells are so highly in demand, yet, truly free black magic love spells are very hard to come by in the cyberworld. That is why I have listed 3 extremely effective and forceful free black magic love spells in this article for your use.Free Black Magic Love Spells # 1This one is aptly titled red passion and will make your object of desire pant for you like a bitch in heat! You have to perform this Free Love Spell at the start of the waxing moon. Get hold of the following ingredients and mix them in a pan.You will require ingredients like a couple of drops of dittany essential oil, 2 cloves, a small glass of strawberry or cranberry juice and a couple of glasses of red wine. In the absence of dittany, you can use vanilla essence.

Mix together in a pot, heat a frying pan, pour the ingredients into the heated pan and for 10 minutes and gently simmer. Once it is done, allow it to cool down sufficiently. It is possible to store this black magic love potion in the refrigerator.When the time seems ripe and the moment opportune, offer your lady love a glass of this black magic love potion. You can drink a glass as well. Now watch both of you burning with red hot passion and getting wild between the sheets. However, ensure that no other person drinks this black magic love potion.Free Black Magic Love Spells # 2This one is called the moon potion and ignites love and passion in your beloved's heart. During full moon which is the best time, you can mix together two to three spoons of dried herbs like sage and rosemary along with a pinch of dried Cretan dittany on a saucer.Now you have to place this saucer on the window ledge on a full moon night and leave the saucer in the full soft glow of moonlight overnight.

Next during the waxing moon on an evening, you need to put the herbs in a cup or bowl and pour into the cup hot and boiling spring water. Let the herbs absorb water for ten minutes and get infused. Then you can add a dash of lemon juice along with one teaspoon of honey.You may also chant the following verse before you drink the love potion:"Goddess of the Earth and of Prophesy Each wish in your name must come to be So with this loving Moon Blessed Tea I [your name] do ask this of Thee That, [your heart's desire] be drawn to me So mote it be".