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The School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University offers a special curriculum for wounded veterans and their spouses which permits them to perform some substantive work in the Dog Tag Bakery. The vets and their spouses during daylight hours are learning specialized skills in the business world, like how to operate the bakery; studying such skills as actual baking, to sales into the management of the company. Since they're getting this hands on experience, the wounded veteran alongside their spouse may also be going to school, taking up courses in which they may earn a degree in the administration of small business and entrepreneurship.

The whole reason behind The success of this program is the bakery. It's located in a 4200 square foot building, directly in the center of downtown Georgetown. There's plenty of room in which to have a bakery, a cafe, office space, and a place for production/baking, there is a training/meeting conference room accessible, and lots off office space in which they can learn in inches and outs of running and managing a thriving business. Georgetown University is really getting it right in proving these injured veterans with a way to heal their ruined bodies while at the same time regain their self esteem in addition to the confidence required to learn a brand new means to support their families while feeling as a successful member of society once more.

It was such a Successful notion, possibly other campus in the USA will begin to follow Georgetown Universities plan and start to open new branches of the Dog Tag Bakery in places all over the country. See pop over to this web-site.