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three steps to make green tea mask Advantages of green tea are not only limited in metabolism or anti-oxidation. In this write-up, we green tea mask introduce 1 DIY mask green tea mask to you.


1st, Clean your face. Then, take a bath, enjoy yourself!

The supplies you want to make the mask:

1 tsp of green tea powder 1 egg yolk 1 pound of flout Actions:

Mix green tea powder, egg yolk and flour. Cover your entire face with green tea mask, and coverthe maskwith a layer of slightly wet tissue, then let them remain on the face for about five-10 minutes. Right after that, wash your face with cold water or warm water. Following using the mask,your skin will be quite sensitive, donot promptly place on the makeup. But, if you seriously want to make up,remember to apply a thin layer of lotion.