Anal Sex: Here's How To Make Your Woman BEG YOU For It - YES, Really - BEG YOU FOR IT

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Therefore, logical arguments are a total waste of time.Mistake #2: Some men just try to 'slip it in the back door' when they are making love to them and hope their woman just lets them carry on with it. This is a terrible idea and one that you must avoid because it will probably hurt your woman and this could turn her off the idea of anal sex for a very long time.Worse still, it may break the sexual trust that you have with your woman. And when you lose that all important trust, you can say goodbye to your woman doing the really dirty, naughty stuff (like 'back door action') with you.So now that you know how not to try to get your woman to have anal sex with you, I can share the secret of how to make your woman beg you for anal sex.Pay attention, this is going to be fun...For starters, stop viewing anal sex as something that you need to 'win' from your woman and something that at best she'll tolerate in order to allow you to have a good time. There isn't a real man on the planet who thinks like that.Instead, adopt the belief that you are going to cause your woman to link massive amounts of pleasure to anal sex.That is the most important step, so I'll repeat it - you are going to cause your woman to link massive amounts of pleasure to anal sex.And they way you do this is in very small steps.You cannot expect her to go from having never had anything up her butt, to taking your whole 'tool' all in one night.It ain't gonna happen.No, no, no - your game plan for back door action has to be much cleverer than that. But don't worry; I have already got the game plan for you, so all you have to do it put it into action...The 5 Step Plan To Make Your Woman Beg You For Anal Sex- Step 1: Use your tongue to give your woman oral pleasure, wait until she is just about to come and then gently rub her asshole with your finger. Keep rubbing it as she comes and you have started the process of getting her to link pleasure to her ass.- Step 2: Do the same as step one, but this time insert the tip of your Excessive Traffic finger into her butt as she is about to come and carry on doing it during her orgasm.- Step 3: Repeat the process again, this time inserting much more of your finger (all of it if possible), into her 'back door' as she gets on the verge of orgasm and during her orgasm- Step 4: Get a butt plug (start with a small one) and get her used to taking this up her ass. Be sure to insert the butt plug as she is about to come and during her orgasm. This way she links massive pleasure to her ass being touched by you- Step 5: Get your woman extremely turned on and wet. Give her a clitoral orgasm (with anal fingering) and then give her a deep spot orgasm. Next, bring out the lube and attempt to put your tool in her back door (use the doggy style position).Chances are that she'll help you get inside her and totally enjoy the process.