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HTML Newsletters are a fantastic way of producing additional sales for your business. They permit you to periodically make contact with your customers and inform them about special provides, discounts, new products, or other things they might be interested in. It enables you to produce a purpose for them to go to your website again and potentially make an additional sale.

There are many various ways to produce and manage HTML newsletters, some are free and some cost money. Personally I don't see the require for using a paid solution because there are many totally free methods to manage this type of activity for your business.

I use a free website to manage all of my business email newsletters. It is free, and has every feature you could possibly require to make an effective email newsletter campaign. There are a lot of paid services which you can choose to use, nevertheless in my opinion the arguments for using such paid services are not usually very strong. In any case you can start of with one of the many fantastic free services, and then if you find that following a while you require some additional functionality that is only accessible in a paid service, you can always make the transition later.

If you are new to the newsletter scene, they provide all of the tools you will need correct on the site to design your newsletter, manage the database of recipients, schedule campaigns and even track the outcomes of your campaign.

Personally I use my free mail distribution service in conjunction with an HTML editor so I can much more accurately design and control how the e-mail will look when somebody receives it. I create out the content, design the layout of the email, and then copy the HTML code into the on-line editor. From there it is a easy matter of checking that it all works perfectly, and then sending or scheduling the email to send.

It is an very easy procedure, and extremely simply to track the results via the stats they offer on the site, or in conjunction with an additional third party web statistics tracker.

Make sure that you are obtaining the most out of your online business. If you have a list of past clients and have by no means contacted them before, you're sitting on a potential gold mine of additional in come for your business! Start taking benefit of this additional potential income stream for your business. It's free to send them emails so the extra expense to your business is almost absolutely nothing!

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