Army Killed Three Boko Haram Insurgents In Borno

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Sani Kukasheka, the Director Army Public Relations, stated in a statement issued in Maiduguri. Kukasheka mentioned that the troops ambushed a group of insurgents at Lumda village few kilometres away from Maiduguri even though trying to cross into Sambisa Forest. He mentioned that the troops killed three insurgents though other individuals escaped with gunshot</a> Kukasheka added that the troops recovered 5 bicycles, mechanic kits, sacks and mosquito nets. Troops of 112 Activity Force Battalion of 22 Brigade deployed in Dikes on Operation LAFIYA DOLE in furtherance of the ongoing clearance operation at the early hours of Thursday, 26th October, 2017, successfully ambushed a group of Boko Haram terrorists. The terrorists had been attempting to cross into Sambisa Forest via Lumda village, some few kilometres away from Maiduguri - Dikwa Road in Borno State. The troops sprung the ambush on the unsuspecting terrorist and neutralized 3 of them although several other individuals escaped with gunshot wounds. They also recovered five bicycles, mechanic tools, sacks containing a variety of items and some mosquito nets from the scene of the attack".

The plaintiff had approached the court to dissolve the 15 years marriage as a outcome of alleged merciless beating by husband. I am a drum in his hand. I cannot continue with that sort of therapy. The last time, I was beaten from night till dawn. So, the following day I packed all my clothing to leave the home," she mentioned. But the husband countered, saying the incident she had utilized was a mere excuse, "It is not tenable, for the reason that that challenge was resolved exact same day. But, as I stated, there are forces that are a threat to my life and are, maybe, controlling her as well," he stated.

Examination malpractice is as old as Nigeria itself and its impact on the sector and the nation as a whole is crippling and retrogressive, writes Head, Education Desk, Iyabo Lawal. The devastating effects of examination malpractices are normally expressed via the erosion of creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity, technical know-how, and moral values. Industries and corporate organisations endure because individuals who are qualified for the jobs are in the actual sense not certified for the jobs - they cheated their way via, most often via examination malpractices. The older generation is wont to say that today’s students are lazy and are adept at cheating in the course of exams but the history of cheating in exams is as old as Nigeria.

Lengthy just before 1960, students in the nation have been cheating their way via to achievement. Examination malpractice was 1st recorded in the nation in 1914. In the course of that year, it was reported that the query papers of the Senior Cambridge Nearby Examinations had been seen by candidates just before the scheduled date of the exam. Ever since then, examinations and students have in no way remained the exact same once again. By 1970, the predicament has gone out of the frying pan into the fire - not only students are now engaged in the act. Their parents, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, and regrettably, teachers and examiners have turn out to be portion of the cheating gang. In 2000, at least six per cent of the 636,064 candidates who sat for the West African Examination Council (WAEC)-organised examination had been involved in one particular type of malpractice or a different.

In 2001, five per cent of the 1,025,185 candidates for the examination have been involved in examination malpractice. In 2002, ten.five per cent of the 909,888 candidates for the examination were involved in examination malpractice. In 2003, the percentage enhanced to about 11 per cent (of 1,066,831 candidates for the examination). Though in 2004, there was a further enhance to 11 per cent (of the 1,035,280 candidates for the examination). In its decades of existence, the exam physique has been promoting the notion of tough perform and honesty in youths via its awards for outstanding efficiency in its examinations. No doubt, WAEC, whose vision is to turn into a planet-class examining body, is worried about students cheating throughout its exams. The council registrar, Iyi Uwadiae set the tone for the discussion when he reeled out the dangers of examination malpractice and how it has manifested in several segments of the society.

The WAEC chief lamented that examination malpractice has remained a thorn in the flesh of examining bodies. He warned that the consequences of examination malpractice on educational institutions and the society are grave and worrisome. Apart from the damage it does to the image of examining bodies in terms of credibility or reputation, enormous quantity of sources are committed annually into the fight against the</a> Over the years, appeals have gone to stakeholders in the sector to companion WAEC a lot more seriously in the fight against the cankerworm. One particular of the ways we can do this it to use this summit as a platform to produce tips and strategies, which will set the stage for the eradication of examination malpractice in our sub-region.

On her portion, the council chairperson, Dr Evelyn Kandakai warned that the consequences of examination malpractice on our national and sub-regional improvement are grave and frightening, as its multiplier impact on our national economies is overly destructive. She lamented that some parents have continued to assist their kids physically and financially to cheat in public examinations, though also faulting the role of some college authorities and teachers who developed the environment for the cankerworm to thrive. According to her, "Examination malpractice represents one particular of the worst forms of corruption in the sector. Two incredibly vital measurement concepts are seriously compromised. Validity- which centres on regardless of whether the test measures what it is supposed to measure and reliability -no matter whether the test benefits are constant.

WAEC has continued to deploy all weapons in its arsenal and utilise each and every obtainable chance to fight and discourage the die-tough perpetrators of examination malpractice. We have made frantic appeals to all stakeholders in the education sector to companion with us in the fight against this scourge that is endangering the good quality of academic achievements and human capital development in our sub-region. She added that the consequences of examination malpractice on our national and sub-regional development are grave and frightening, as its multiplier effect on our national economies is overly destructive. Eminent scholar and instant previous chairman of the council, Prof Pius Obanya who was the keynote speaker mentioned the society’s emphasis on certificates over intellectual capability was responsible for examination.

He stated there had been several holders of certificates with higher grades who could not defend those certificates due to the fact they did not essentially earn them. The seasoned educationist stated it is not vital for students to sit for formal examinations either as promotional or for admission as the practice in Africa. We sit for as well quite a few examinations in Africa. Whereas what we have to have is to assess each student based on their peculiarity mainly because there are thousands of aspects that can have an effect on one’s performance in an examination. So, who you are and what you can do are what genuinely matter just as it is the practice in the developed countries of the world.

The all round aim of education is to shape the behaviour of students so that he can perform correctly within his social milieu. WAEC, in the early 1970s, initial witnessed mass cheating in the course of exams and has due to the fact been grappling with the menace. In 1977, a judicial commission of inquiry was set up to look into the affairs of WAEC in relation to the dilemma of efficient conduct of examinations and prompt release of final results. Among other points, the committee acknowledged the excessive workload of WAEC and advised that its workload need to be reduced by establishing some far more examination bodies, which could take over some of its a lot of examinations. Registration of also several candidates more than and above the facilities available in schools was also cited as a danger aspect.

With limited facilities and limitless candidates, supervision is anticipated to be minimal with many candidates crammed into a classroom. Through examinations, materials, which candidates’ really feel could assist them to answer inquiries, are brought in. It can be a smaller sheet of paper like the size of a small business card hidden on any part of the physique. Researchers noted that there was a time when teachers knew their students individually. Teachers at that time served the functions of each teachers in the college and as function models to the students. There was a powerful hyperlink involving the residence and the school.

The household, society, and college cooperated to raise the kids effectively. With the advent of the Universal Simple Education (UBE), education specialists mentioned items are no longer at ease as there was a good uptick in student’s enrolment in schools without having adequate preparation in terms of staffing and infrastructure. The restricted number of teachers remaining in the schools could no longer cope with their functions. As a result, morals and expertise acquisition took a downward spiral - in which exam malpractice is a symptom. Even though the Federal Government promulgated laws, which stipulated a 4-year-jail term for any individual located guilty of examination malpractice, the act has develop into the norm rather than the exception. In a nation exactly where exam malpractice thrives, lots of of its citizens will finish up being insensible, dishonest, ignorant, narrow-minded, myopic, deceptive, and disingenuous. Examination malpractice puts youths and pros in a predicament that leads to a future of social-political and economic bankruptcy. From time to time when caught, students have had to repeat classes, retake the exams, dismissed from school hence wasting cash, time and efforts that could have been place to productive use. The importance of examination for diagnosis, placement, classification and good quality manage in schools has been eroded.

Speaking at the prayer session, the founder, Sheikh Mohammed Robiu Adebayo Abdul Malik congratulated Muslims on the celebration of the Hijrah 1439 and charged them to continue to pray for the Nation. According to him, Hijrah has a great significance in Islam since it brought about the calculation of the Islamic calendar. Without having Hijrah, we would not have what we know as day, month and year currently. He said the lessons from the Hijrah are numerous and Muslims would continue to reflect upon it forever. It was a turning point in history. It was the start off of a period when the Prophet would go from becoming the oppressed man of Makkah to the one particular who returned as a benevolent ruler of the planet.

The prophet would have to slip away in the evening avoiding murderers and would come back years later victorious and although glorifying Allah. Sheikh Abdul Malik, thus, called on the Muslim faithful to intensify on prayers for the nation against all manners of afflictions that we seem to be at present undergoing in term of economic hardship and insecurity, praying for Allah’s intervention. No matter how cumbersome a difficulty can be, it can never be compared to the 1 encountered by the prophet. He admitted there are forces militating against Nigeria’s progress and unity. It is prayer that is repelling these forces.

Nigeria as Giant of Africa, if it has challenge, absolutely, all other African nations are also in difficulty. We will have to all join hands to pray for the nation and our leaders, God ought to touch their hearts to provide on their promises. He decried politicians manipulating poverty amongst the populace to get away with their excesses. He charged religious leaders as well, saying "We are the a single closer to the poor, we are the one that know what individuals are going via. He admonished political class to make certain that justice and fair-play prevail in their actions and utterances saying, the Alter Agenda led by President Muhammad Buhari administration ought to commence from the political leaders. How several government officials are in help of the change agenda we are speaking about?</a> Apart from the president and couple of government officials, majority of the political class have failed to important into the Alter Agenda provided the volume of scandalous activities becoming reported everyday in the media. It is vital to remind this government that they have launched ‘Change Starts With Me’ programme, let that manifest in all their actions. That is only way for the country to receive Allah’s blessing and prayers we are providing will be efficient." He concluded.

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Amid the numerous cases of alleged corruption against government officials, the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, wednesday insisted that the fight against corruption stay a cardinal focus of the federal government. Osinbajo stated this wednesday whilst declaring open a two-day capacity workshop organised by the Economic and Monetary Crimes Commission (EFCC), in collaboration with National Judicial Institute (NJI), for justices, judges, prosecutors and other stakeholders in Abuja. He reaffirmed the determination of the government to apprehend and deter perpetrators of corruption in order to obtain sustainable development in the nation. Corruption fight is a cardinal focus of this present administration and government is poised to tame the monster that is ravaging our economy and causing untold hardship to its citizens," he vowed.

The workshop, with the theme: ‘Emerging Trends in Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Monetary Crimes,’ was developed to support in creating a team-based, non-adversarial collaborative justice method that is helpful to all stakeholders. Osinbajo maintained that corruption as a cancer which may be terminal if not checked, will continue to have adverse implications on education, healthcare, social services, infrastructure and certainly high quality of life of citizens. He said: "As component of anti-corruption method, we are also re-equipping our prosecution teams, and portion of the anticipated judicial reforms is to dedicate some specific courts to the trial of corruption situations.

Onnoghen, who is also the Chairman, Board of Governors, NJI, identified the role of the judiciary and the EFCC as vital and vital in the fight against corruption. The judiciary is an vital stakeholder which has a vital role to play in making certain that, sustainable options to the mounting legal challenges to the results of the fight against corruption are sustained. This workshop will bring to the fore the challenges faced by the commission as well as pontificate on options, and expose stakeholders to international best practices in the investigation and prosecution of monetary crimes," Onnoghen stated. The judiciary is saddled with the duty of upholding the rule of law by interpreting, construing and applying the relevant laws. Speaking, EFCC Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, appreciated the assistance of the presidency, the National Assembly and the judiciary in simplifying the activity of hosting the programme.

He said the awards have showcased a lot of of the fantastic factors happening in the well being sector, adding that talking about them and honouring these behind the successes will instill self-confidence in Nigerians who otherwise go abroad for healthcare. What is taking place right here today is the very first step to rebuilding the self-assurance of Nigerians in our healthcare The awards, which was held in conjunction with LUTH recognised immense strides and achievements recorded by he hospital’s institutions below its existing management. Among whom is Adadevoh, who was provided a posthumous life-time achievement award in recognition of her selfless services to humanity and ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. According to the Chief Executive Officer, CIDL, Solomon Alao, the award is aimed at recognising and celebrating heroes, who exhibit the highest levels of professionalism and stay the course, to elicit pride and reinforce good behaviour.