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One of the most highly anticipated Earphones upon it’s release, the Beats iBeats are aimed at audio professionals, DJ’s and audiophiles alike. With the signature lower case B in bright red, and the beautiful brushed aluminum finish, the world will know you are serious about your music with these Beats iBeats Earphones on.

What makes a good pair of Earphones? Not only must they sound good, the construction of the Earphones must be durable and comfortable. Let’s address the sound first.

The Beats iBeats Earphones fill your earswith incredibly rich sound…except only you can hear it. You will be amazed at the music coming out of your tiny little iphone with these Earphones. The highs and the mids will be present in striking detail, but let’s not forget the base. These Earphones deliver in the base department in high fashion. You won’t hear muted, overtaxed thumping coming from these Beats iBeats Earphones. Hear base the way it was meant to be heard. Feel the base! That’s what most reviews rave about anyway. You will hear things on your favorite songs that you never heard before. These Beats iBeats Earphones will have you revisiting all of your favorite music to see what you’ve been missing all these years.

How Durable Are The Beats iBeats?

Great sound is worth little if the construction of the Earphones is such that they break after a short time. The high quality construction is what first grabs peoples attention when they pick up these Beats iBeats Earphones. Notice the brushed aluminum. Very pleasing to the eye, yet very rugged too. But rugged construction does not come at the expense of light weight. The ear cups too are of the highest quality. I can’t be sure if it’s real leather or not, but they are supple and comfortable.

On so many Earphones the cord is flimsy and appears to be an afterthought. Not so with these Beats iBeats Earphones. The cord is high quality with metal ends holding the RCA connectors. And one very nice detail is that the cord plugs into the Earphone on either side…and therefore can also be replaced if you damage it. That means you’ll be enjoying these Beats iBeats Earphones for a very long time indeed. Have you ever wanted someone else to experience the song you’re listening to? With a connector on each side of the Earphones you can let a friend “plug in” to your Earphones with theirs (daisy chain.) iBeatsblem solved.

With great sound and durable construction, one might ask what else is there? How about style? In fact, most people will be drawn to these Beats iBeats Earphones immediately based solely on looks. They are stylish to be sure. Maybe that’s why you’ve seen them on the heads of so many celebrities and athletes. They are definitely intended to be seen.

Which leads to the only real beats with these Earphones…fakes. Yes, unfortunately the market is already full of fakes that look identical. beats by dre ibeats are so good that they come with an identical box and similar owners manuals inside the box. Only a trained eye can see the differences in some cases, but the sound is nowhere near the quality of the real Beats iBeats, nor is the build quality. How can you be sure you are getting the real deal? Buy only from trusted retailers. Oh and if the price seems to good to be true, it probably is.