Benefits To Choosing A Hidden Pet Fence

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When dog owners want to. Always make sure that their four-legged friends remain safely on their property, the use of an electronic dog fence can be very effective. Whether it be an in-ground system or a wireless variety, an electronic dog fence may offer a lot of advantages over the use of traditional-style fencing.

A Product That Really Works

When an electronic dog Fence is used, the owner's dog wears a particular, battery-powered collar if it's outdoors, within the fence perimeter. If the dog gets too near the border of unsecured space, some type of audible alarm seems. Should the dog opt to cross the boundary line, a harmless, non-toxic static shock is administered to the dog via the collar. Essentially a form of behavior modification, the administering of the alarm and static shock assist to teach the dog to keep within the prescribed boundaries.

Maintaining An Open Yard

A prime advantage of Using an electronic dog fence is being able to supply a safe environment for dogs while maintaining a sense of open space. Electronic dog fences are invisible and provide unobstructed views. As opposed to traditional-style fencing, these fences don't create isolation and exclusionary feelings with next-door neighbors. In most municipalities, the usage of a traditional-style fence in the front lawn of a home is banned by zoning laws.

The Entire cost of a great Quality electronic dog fence is usually much less than the cost of owning a Traditional-style fence installed. The Typical Fantastic quality electronic dog Fencing prices roughly $200-$300, and the cost of traditional fence installation Is often considerably more than $1,000. See dog electric fence.