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The Basic Facts of Breast Reconstruction Surgery   The Number One Question You Must Ask for Breast Reconstruction Surgery  There are several factors to consider if you're thinking about breast reconstruction.  Nipple reconstruction is done in a distinct operation.   Recovery from delayed reconstruction is quite a bit quicker.  Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction is a rather personal, high individualized procedure, so Dr. Kim will create a personalized surgical plan to fulfill your particular requirements.  The process of reconstructive surgery will typically start with a process where expansion of the area is completed, as a way to make enough space for some sort of implant.   The Nuiances of Breast Reconstruction Surgery  Most mastectomy patients are medically suitable for reconstruction, and several are in a position to be carried out at the identical time that the breast is removed.  Breast reconstruction surgery can be done either at the right time of mastectomy or delayed, at some point after the first mastectomy is completed.  If you're uncertain what sort of mastectomy you had or whether you must get mammograms, ask your physician.  Penn Plastic Surgery provides all 3 main kinds of breast reconstruction to assist you really feel like yourself again after breast cancer.  Women who have received breast cancer treatment beyond UT Southwestern can also pick our experts to do their reconstructive surgery.  Women who have had a lumpectomy typically do not require reconstruction.   Breast Reconstruction Surgery Help!  The target of all reconstruction types is to reestablish the breast to the absolute most natural look and feel as possible.  The very first step is deciding what sort of breast reconstruction is best for you.  For lots of women, breasts are an essential sign of femininity that can help define their self-confidence and body image.   The Breast Reconstruction Surgery Game  Ear reconstruction is a rather delicate job and precise results are extremely much linked to skill and experience.  You should talk about the advantages and risks of reconstruction to give yourself plenty of time to create the very best decision for you.  All surgeries carry some level of risk and uncertainty.   You may also opt to perform breast self-exams on your normal breast and the epidermis and surrounding region of your reconstructed breast.  If you own a breast implant and you are in need of a mammogram, make certain to have it done at a facility with technologists trained in moving the implant to acquire the greatest possible images of the remainder of the breast.  In circumstances where only a single breast necessitates reconstruction, augmentation or a lift could be recommended for the other breast as a way to guarantee symmetry.   It is crucial to talk about the many options with your plastic surgeon.  Your surgeon may suggest utilizing a temporary expandable implant to start with.  Either sort of surgery might also be known as a myocutaneous flap.   An alternate approach to implant-based breast reconstruction requires the introduction of a skin flap using tissue taken from different elements of the human body, like the back or abdomen.  It is crucial to bear in mind that while a fantastic result may closely mimic a standard breast, there'll inevitably be scars and some loss of sensation.  There are many kinds of tissue flap surgery.   The Fight Against Breast Reconstruction Surgery  For instance, there is a minimal incidence of creating infection due to the implant, which often occurs within the initial two weeks following surgery.  In the majority of cases, it's only medically essential to remove a single breast due to its cancer diagnosis, which is known as a unilateral mastectomy.  Please visit the webpage about BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes to find out more about how their mutation is associated with breast cancer.