Ezi-Alayi Youth Butchered and killed by AmaEke Youths and the elders look on!

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As we were made to understand from our investigative team, A young man from Ezi-Alayi in Bende Local Government Area was murdered in a broad day light with all AmaEke Alayi people looking on in AmaEke Hall.

It was gathered that the AmaEke boys with order from their leaders come and picked up one Emma Orji from his house, brought him to their town hall and executed him with the blessing of their leaders.

According to sources from the community, the young man and the husband of the alleged adulterer lady had an understanding and was totally against the murder. It was also a known fact in Alayi community that John Eke Anyaele aka. Baron fathered a child with the lady while the murdered man fathered two with the same lady.

In Abia State where murderer is always picked up in less than a week of it being reported to the police. But in this case, the MURDERERS hails from the same AmaEke Alayi as do the Bende Local Government Chairman who swore that NO ONE will be arrested in this case.

The Uzuakoli Police chief who is under the directive of the Bende Local Government Chairman or in his pocket as we were told said to the community that he will not make an arrest unless the Local Government Chairman told him to do so.

The Chairman of the Bende Local Government Council, Chief Gabriel Elendu threatened to arrest all the Ezi-Alayi youth while at the same time making sure �NO ONE� of the Murderers is arrested because they all come from his AmaEke Alayi to which he is also the youth leader.

The Special Adviser to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, on Security Matters, Captain Awa Udensi (retd.), who visited the community, while condemning the gruesome killing of the deceased by youths of AmaEke Alayi, has done nothing of significant to see to the arrest of the Murderers.

All the Abia leaders and the Police we are told are paying leap service to this case to satisfy their friend The Chairman of the Bende Local Government Council, Chief Gabriel Elendu who happen to hail from the same AmaEke Alayi as do all the Murderers. As investigative journalist, we will keep up investigating the coverup.